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  Linyi Kangfa Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. adheres to the development concept of "high quality, high efficiency, ecology and intensiveness", implements the industrial operation mode of "leading enterprises + professional cooperatives + fruit farmers + bases", and joins the new development of Wutai in Pingyi County. Peach Professional Cooperative has built a “Pingyi Yellow Peach Industry Farmer Field School” and a standardized yellow peach production base of 14,500 mu in Wutai Town, the “hometown of Yellow Peach in Shandong Province” with beautiful scenery and beautiful ecology. The trainees and base cover 14 villages , Linking 4726 households with 17,000 fruit farmers, introducing, cultivating, developing and planting more than ten processed yellow meat peach varieties with an annual output of more than 40,000 tons of high-quality yellow peach.
  Based on the principle of "Quality First, Honesty", the company hires well-known agricultural experts and trains farmers' instructors (technical demonstration households) and the majority of fruit farmers in a planned manner; the company and cooperatives, cooperatives and fruit farmers sign production and acquisitions respectively at preferential prices Contract; provide free soil testing, fertilization, water quality and agricultural product testing services for fruit farmers; guide fruit farmers to use “ecological, organic” agricultural products, and provide fruit farmers with a full range of pre-, mid-, and post-natal services, so that the scale of the base continues Expansion, yellow peach quality and planting efficiency continue to improve, and the industrial chain continues to extend, truly achieving a win-win cooperation among leading enterprises, cooperatives, and fruit farmers, exploring and practicing a new model of effective new concepts, new technologies, and new results promotion And a new way to build a high-quality agricultural product base.

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