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    Linyi Kangfa Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989 June, the hinterland of Yimeng mountain area where China cans at the first town in Pingyi County town, covers an area of 88000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 2100 people. Has 18 domestic advanced production line of canned fruits and vegetables, quick-frozen production line 2, the annual processing capacity of 100000 tons. The company has 3 canned fruit and vegetable production company, with 3 offices, Linyi Kang Fanong product testing company, Linyi Kangfa organic fertilizer Co., Ltd., and Kang FA Mu peach base etc..

    In recent years, the company has invested 75000000 yuan, the expansion of production workshop 4800 square meters, the introduction of Italy, America advanced canned production of complete sets of equipment, pesticide testing equipment more than 160 Taiwan, supporting 5000 tons Hengwenku, investment 14800000 yuan to build a sewage treatment plant and production waste biological treatment plant. Operational mode of "company + cooperative + farmers", connecting closely with farmers, led the local and surrounding areas of fruit, vegetables, edible fungus industry specialization level. The development of standardized production base of 14500 acres of yellow peach, strawberry production base 3000 acres, pineapple production base 4000 acres, blueberry production base 5000 acres, hawthorn fruit production base 9000 acres, 2000 acres of grape production base. The company has passed the "QS certification", "USA FDA", "ISO9001 quality management system", "ISO22000 food safety management system", "ISO14001 environmental management system", "HACCP food safety management system", "OHSAS18001 occupation health security system", "BRC certification, European retailers" "IFS international food standards", "Kosher certificate" and a number of international certification, in 2012 July was recognized as a municipal enterprise technology center of Linyi Municipal Commission of economy and information technology. At present the enterprise technology center can detect pesticide residues, heavy metals, carry out microbial, nutrition, including pesticide qualitative reached 148, to ensure the food safety, to achieve convergence with international standards of quality management.

     At present, Kangfa food with fruits, vegetables, edible fungus, jam, fruit cup type five series more than 300 varieties of canned and frozen foods, rich in nutritional value, without any preservatives; that instant, suitable for the old and the young; Li and storage, easy to carry; with different specifications, different styles to meet different consumer demand. The company relies on the rich resources of raw materials, technology, personnel, information superiority and stable sales channels, the performance continues to rise, has been the state, province, city as "export demonstration enterprise" national agricultural products processing industry, "the national agricultural comprehensive development and industrialization of key projects", "National High tech enterprise", "China patent Shandong star enterprise", has been rated as "national can top ten enterprises", "the focus of the provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises", "provincial Shou contract re credit" enterprise, "Shandong province food industry standardization production demonstration base", "Shandong province cleaner production advanced unit", obtain qualified to confirm the measurement certificate and measurement assurance ability certificate (C), Kang licensing can be rated as "green food" "Shandong famous brand", "Shandong famous trademark", "Shandong famous brand" and other honorary titles.

     Kangfa food to refine on product quality, customer first business philosophy, has won wide acclaim from customers. The products are sold to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Inner Mongolia and Northeast China provinces and cities more than 20; exported to Europe, Asia, Oceania and so on more than 40 countries and regions. Kangfa food with exquisite design and balanced nutrition, leading the fashion, healthy consumption trend.